Changing your details

How do I change my billing or delivery address?

To change your billing or delivery address when you are not placing an order, please ensure you are logged in and then click on Account Details which will take you to your Account Overview.

Here you will have the option to add a new delivery address or edit any existing ones by clicking on Edit Addresses. Once you have made the required changes, click on Save Changes

While placing an order you will also have the option to add or amend your address at checkout.

n.b - Please note your billing address will be your default delivery address unless you add a different address and select Deliver to this address. This will then be made your default delivery address for all future orders unless you change it.

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How do I change my email address or password?

To change your email address or password, please ensure you are logged in and then click on Account Details which will take you to your Account Overview.

Here you will have the option to change your password or update your personal details, once you have updated your password click on ‘Change Password’

For amendments to your email address or personal details please click on ‘Save Changes’ once you have completed your updates. 

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How do I add my date of birth?

To add your date of birth, please ensure you are logged in and then click on Account Details which will take you to your Account Overview.

Here you will have the option to add your date of birth by clicking on Personal Details. Once you have entered your date of birth please click on Save Changes.

To receive special offers, please ensure you are signed up to receive our emails.

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How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

To ensure that all of your communication preferences are up to date, please take the following steps...

1. Log in  to your account at the top of the page.

2. Click on Edit Communications Options on the left hand side.

3. Tick or Untick the relevant boxes on the page and click Save Changes

Alternatively, contact us on 0844 844 1111* or write to us at following address:

Cotton Traders
Cotton Hub
Merlin Court
Atlantic Street
WA14 5NL

Due to our long lead times, we are sorry but you may still receive a small number of further mailings while we remove you from the list.

* Calls to 0844 numbers cost 7p a minute plus your phone company's access charge

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Order History

Can I view my orders online?

We are pleased to advise that any orders placed via our website can be seen in Order History.

If you ordered online, you can log in to your account and click on View Orders.

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What does processing mean?

If an item is processing, it means that it is in the process of being selected for picking and packing in our warehouse.  Your order will show as processing until it has actually been dispatched from our warehouse. The status will then change to dispatched and you will be able to track your delivery if you ordered online.

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What does dispatched mean?

If you see dispatched next to an item, this means the item has been fully picked and packed at our warehouse and has either left the warehouse or will leave on the next available trailer.

The item will have been given a tracking number, which you will be able to use to track your order online.

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What does cancelled mean?

If you have contacted us and asked us to cancel an item prior to dispatch, this will show as cancelled in Order Status and the Order Item status will show as refunded.

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What does refunded mean?

If you have returned an item to us, it will show as refunded when it has been received back at our warehouse and a refund has been applied. You may also see this if you have contacted us and asked us to cancel an item that has not yet been dispatched. This will show in Order History as cancelled in Order Status and the Order Item status will show as refunded.

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What does 'On Hold' mean?

Your order will be held if the criteria for placing orders with Cotton Traders has not been met, for example if a PO Box number is present in the address.

We will either contact you for an alternative address or, if this is not possible, we will cancel the order and advise you by email.

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Why does my order show as backordered?

If an item on your order is not in stock in our warehouse at the point of order, you will be advised of this in the stock grid before you click to buy the item. The stock grid will show a green tick if the item is in stock or is due in next 4 working days, a red tick if item is low stock, a number if the item is due in the appropriate number of weeks and a cross if it is not available.

Your Order History will show as "backordered" if an item on your order is not in stock in our warehouse. It may be that only 1 item is due in at a later date but whole order will show as "backordered" until the other items are dispatched. If a delayed item is due in next few days, we will hold your whole order to try and send your goods out in one parcel.

Your Order History will update to processing and then, when the order is dispatched, you will receive a confirmation email to advise.

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Why am I seeing a message to advise item is unavailable in Order History

If an item has been removed from our site since you placed your order, this message will appear in your Order History. It is only to advise that it is no longer available to purchase and does not affect your order if you have already purchased the item.

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Why can I not see my order history?

While we conduct some essential maintenance to our Website your order history will be temporarily unavailable.

This will be available to view again very soon.

In the meantime if you have any queries regarding your account please contact our Customer Care team on: 0161 286 4321 (8am - 8pm Mon-Friday, 8am-6pm Sat, 9am-6pm Sun)

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Password Information

Is my password secure?

Please rest assured our website is secure and we use SSL Web Server Certificates.

Our security settings are constantly being reviewed. Please click here to create an account, login or access your Account Overview section.

When you are in the secure section of the site, a padlock symbol should appear in your browser. In most browsers, this will appear to the right of the address bar at the top. When this symbol appears, you can be assured that the site security is in place.

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Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the log in page. You then need to click on Forgotten Your Password? and enter your email address. A new password reset link will then be forwarded to you securely.

To log into your account, simply enter your email address and new password into the entry boxes on your 'log in page'.

Once signed in, please then visit Account Overview to change your password to something more familiar.

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Why haven't I received a password reminder email?

If you have requested a password reminder, the email containing the password reset link should arrive in your inbox almost immediately. However, if after an hour the email still hasn’t come through, please check the following, and then try again.

1. Check that the email hasn’t gone into your Spam or Junk Email folder. Sometimes, important emails can be redirected there by mistake even though they are not junk emails.

2. Check that you entered the correct email address. It’s very easy to mistype an email address, e.g. typing instead of so please double check that you entered the correct address.

3. Check that your inbox isn’t full. If you have too many emails in your inbox, your email provider may sometimes prevent you from receiving any new emails.

4. Add to your safe senders list. If you add our email address to your safe senders list, this will ensure that our emails are never blocked or considered as spam. If you are not sure how to add an email address to your safe senders, please consult your email provider for more information.

If all of the above steps have been tried, and you are still unable to receive the password reminder, please use the ‘Contact’ button below to get in touch with our Customer Care team. Please include as many details as you can about your problem.

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I'm having trouble with the password you have sent me

If you are an existing online customer and have requested a password reset, you should be sent a password reset link. Simply, follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you are still experiencing problems, please check the list below:

Are you entering your email address and password in the correct boxes? (Sign in boxes are on the left hand side of the login page)

Have you removed any saved password details before copying and pasting your new password?

Is the email address you are using to sign in the same one that password is registered against?

Have you missed the 1st or last digit or copied in an extra space when copying new password reminder?

Please note passwords are case sensitive


We recommend that you change your temporary password to something more familiar to you by visiting your  Account Overview page once you are logged in.

If you are still experiencing problems after following the above steps, please contact us using the contact button below.

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How do I unlock my account

Your security is very important to us and in order to protect your security, your account has been locked. This may be due to multiple failed log in attempts.

To unlock your account, please contact our Customer Care Team on 0161 286 4321.

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Why can't I register two passwords against the same email address?

We ask each customer to create a password against their unique email address. This is safe and secure and it ensures that the correct customer receives the right confirmation email, password reminder and any emails that we send relating to their account. 

The easiest way to register two customers at the same address with different passwords is to create a second email address. This can be done either through your own service provider or we believe that they are particularly easy to set up with Googlemail and Yahoo Mail.

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