The item I’d like has sold out. Will it be back in stock soon?

Sometimes our customers catch us off guard and love a product even more than we expect them to!

When this happens, our team will strive to bring you more stock so you won’t be disappointed.

The handy stock grid on each product page will keep you up to date on when it’s due to be back in stock (up to 8 weeks), allowing you to place your order in advance, subject to availability.

If a product isn’t due to be back in stock for 8 weeks or more, you can request that we email you once it’s arrived back in our warehouse. Just click on the envelope symbol on a stock grid and we’ll let you know when it’s available so you can place your order.

If the stock grid shows an X or SOLD OUT, unfortunately we are completely sold out and have no future deliveries planned at present.

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What if the delivery date changes since I have placed my order?

In the unlikely event that your order is delayed due to stock issues, we will write to you by post or email with a new estimated delivery date.

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Why am I seeing a message 'loading stock information?'

We keep our stock grids up to date at all times, in the hopes of making your shopping experience even better. If you’re experiencing any issues with the stock grid, please try refreshing and reloading the page. If you’re still unable to see the stock grid, please use the Quick Order form to add items to your shopping bag. You’ll find it here

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