Is my password secure?

Please rest assured that our website is secure and we use SSL Web Server Certificates to keep your information private and protected.

When you are in the secure section of the site, a padlock symbol should appear in your browser. In most browsers, this will appear to the right of the address bar at the top. When this symbol appears, you can be assured that the site security is in place.

We will always strive to ensure that our site is as secure as can be, and review our security settings often.

If you’d like to create an account, log in, or access your Account Overview or Personal Details, please click here.

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I’ve forgotten my password

Don’t worry! If you’ve forgotten your password, please go to the log in page. Click Forgotten Your Password? And enter your email address. A secure new password reset link will then be sent to your email account.

Please note if your password is synchronised between the website and the app, therefore by updating your password will update it for all so you will have to log in to both using your new password.

To log in to your account, simple enter your email address and new password into the boxes on the Log In page here.

Once you’ve logged in, you can visit Account Overview then Change Password to change your password to something more familiar and memorable.

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Why haven't I received a password reminder email?

If you’ve requested a reset link for your password, it should arrive in your inbox almost immediately. However, if after an hour the email still hasn’t come through, please check the following before trying again.

1. Check that the email hasn’t gone into your Spam or Junk folder. Sometimes, important emails can be redirected there by mistake, despite not being junk emails.

2. Check that you’ve entered the correct email address. Please double check that you entered the correct address, taking care with spelling and simple errors e.g. instead of .com

3. Check that your inbox isn’t full. If you have too many emails in your inbox, your email provider may sometimes prevent you from receiving any new emails.

4. Add to your safe senders list. Adding our email address to your safe senders list will ensure that our emails are never blocked or sent to your spam or junk folders. If you’re not sure how to add an email address to your safe senders list, please consult your email provider for more information.

If you’ve tried all of the above but still aren’t able to receive your reset password link, please use the Contact button below to get in touch with our Customer Care Team, including as many details as you can about the issue.

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I'm having trouble with the password I was sent

If you’re an existing customer with an account on our website and have requested a reset password, you should receive a password reset link in your email account. Simply follow the instructions to successfully reset your password. If you’re still having trouble, please check the list below:

- Are you entering your email address and password in the correct boxes? (Sign In boxes are on the left hand side of the Log In page)

- Have you removed any saved password details before copying and pasting your new password?

- Is the email address you’re using to sign in the same one that the password is registered against?

- Have you missed the first or last digit, or copied in an extra space when you’ve copied your new password?

Please note that passwords are case sensitive


We recommend that you change the temporary password we sent you to something more familiar and memorable by visiting Change Password once you’ve logged in.

If you’ve tried all of the above but you’re still having trouble, please use the Contact button below to get in touch with our Customer Care Team, including as many details as you can about the issue.

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How do I unlock my account

Your security is very important to us and, in order to keep your personal information private and protected, your account has been locked. This may be due to multiple failed log in attempts.

To unlock your account, please contact our Customer Care Team on 0161 286 4321.

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Why can't I register two passwords against the same email address?

We ask each customer to create one password for each unique email address. This keeps your personal information safe and secure, and ensures that the correct customer receives the right confirmation email, password reset link and any emails we send that relate to their account.

The easiest way to register two customers at the same address with different passwords is to create a second account with a different email address. If you don’t have a second email address, you can set one up either through your own service provider or quickly and easily using services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

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