• Suede Footwear for Every Outfit

    5 January 2018
    Suede is a material that’s often misunderstood. People sometimes wonder how to wear suede shoes, worrying that they are difficult to pair with outfits and high maintenance to look after.
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  • 6 Six Nations Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    16 January 2018
    Rugby fans throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy are donning their rugby shirts, dusting off their national flags and clearing their throats in anticipation for some rousing national anthem singing. That’s right, the 2018 Six Nations kicks off on 3rd February.
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  • Comfortable Winter Loungewear

    4 January 2018
    Who doesn’t love comfortable loungewear? Cosiness, warmth and relaxation guaranteed. And when temperatures drop and you know you’re not leaving the house, you can wear your winter loungewear all day long! To get you into the spirit of ‘lounging around’ this winter, we’ve had a rifle through our stocks and pulled out a few of our most comfortable lounge clothes to see you through the colder seasons.
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  • 11 Amazing Facts About Guinness

    17 January 2018
    Whether you’re revising for a pub quiz, looking for fun Guinness facts to entertain your friends at a party, or you just enjoy a pint of ‘the black stuff’, we challenge you to find 11 more interesting facts about Guinness.
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  • 5 UK Walking Trails & Scenic Stop-Offs You Need To Explore

    24 January 2018
    When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, there's nothing like a good UK walking trail. And better yet, these UK walking routes all have an extra something special to view along the way, making the route that much more worthwhile.
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  • Easter Holiday Inspiration: Staycation Ideas

    21 February 2018
    Looking for Easter holiday inspiration? Take a look at our pick of UK holiday destinations that offer something a little bit different for all ages. With spring firmly in the air, and before the prices rise during the summer months, the Easter holidays are the perfect time to get away and have some family fun. No matter what your budget is, have a look at these places to visit in England, and be inspired to find a cosy Easter nest to curl up in and nibble on a chocolate egg or two, whatever the weather decides to do.
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  • Introducing The Chino Trousers You Need This Season

    13 March 2018
    Chino trousers? Travel trousers? Or something else entirely? When it comes to choosing trousers, how do you decide which are the most useful pairs to have in your wardrobe? As we head into spring, we look at the best jeans alternatives that are light, practical and perfect to take you comfortably through the new season.
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  • Stand Out This Season: How To Wear Floral Print

    14 March 2018
    It’s the season of brightness – with clearer skies and lighter evenings, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe. The warmer seasons provide the perfect backdrop to floral print garments, and whether you want to go full meadow or delicate and understated more akin to a window box, our versatile collection of floral print has something for everyone. Read our top tips on how to wear floral prints, from colour combinations to the best accessories to complement your floral print dress.
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  • The Best Men’s Summer Shorts For Beating the Heat

    9 April 2018
    As the temperatures begin to rise, so can the hem of the garments on your lower body. With an array of men’s summer shorts for you to choose from, we’ve reviewed the best men’s shorts for beating the summer heat, including cargo to chino and poolside to pique. And if you thought shorts were just for the beach, think again, as if you need something a little more smart-casual for a summer gathering, Cotton Traders have all your knee-length needs covered.
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  • How To Wear Chinos For Classic Summer Style

    10 April 2018
    When it comes to choosing a smart but casual trouser, many of us dive in to denim. But as the weather gets warmer and we become more active, we demand more robust and hardwearing fabrics which are comfortable, lighter and can keep us a little cooler.
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  • 5 Ways to Wear Tunic Tops and Dresses This Summer

    13 April 2018
    If you’re looking to introduce some seasonal style this summer, why not invest in the humble tunic dress?
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  • 5 Ways To Tie A Summer Scarf

    14 May 2018
    When contemplating accessories to complement your summer outfit, a scarf might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But don’t pigeon hole scarves as a solely winter staple. A lightweight summer scarf is a highly versatile option, and not just because of the vast collection of styles, lengths and patterns available. It’s also because there are so many different ways to tie a scarf, which when done correctly, can really enhance your outfit and complement your body shape.
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  • Our Pick of the Best Polo Shirts for Summer

    24 May 2018
    We have a huge soft spot for the good old-fashioned polo shirt. It’s a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion – even James Bond has been known to don one. And why not? The best polo shirts can be extremely comfortable and easy to wear, as well as maintaining a smart-casual look when chosen carefully as part of the right outfit.
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  • Summer Style Staples – Our 5 Favourite Cool Cotton T-Shirts

    14 April 2018
    It’s no style secret that a cool cotton T-shirt is a comfortable choice for the summer. But we’d ‘stick our necks out’ and say that there are some shapes and neck styles out there which you have never considered, or weren’t quite which cut could help you shine when the sun comes out. Here we reveal our top 5 favourite cotton T-shirts from our women’s collection, from boat neck to square neck T-shirts, relaxed to fitted, you’ll find the right high-quality T-shirts for your body shape.
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