Introducing The Chino Trousers You Need This Season

13th March 2018

Chino trousers? Travel trousers? Or something else entirely? When it comes to choosing trousers, how do you decide which are the most useful pairs to have in your wardrobe? As we head into spring, we look at the best jeans alternatives that are light, practical and perfect to take you comfortably through the new season.

Easter Holiday Inspiration: Staycation Ideas

21st February 2018

Looking for Easter holiday inspiration? Take a look at our pick of UK holiday destinations that offer something a little bit different for all ages.

5 UK Walking Trails & Scenic Stop-Offs You Need To Explore

24th January 2018

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, there’s nothing like a good UK walking trail. And better yet, these UK walking routes all have an extra something special to view along the way, making the route that much more worthwhile.

11 Amazing Facts About Guinness

17th January 2018

Whether you’re revising for a pub quiz, looking for fun Guinness facts to entertain your friends at a party, or you just enjoy a pint of ‘the black stuff’, we challenge you to find 11 more interesting facts about Guinness.

6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The 6 Nations

16th January 2018

Rugby fans throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy are donning their rugby shirts, dusting off their national flags and clearing their throats in anticipation for some rousing national anthem singing. That’s right, the 2018 Six Nations kicks off on 3rd February.

Suede Footwear for Every Outfit

5th January 2018

Suede is a material that’s often misunderstood. People sometimes wonder how to wear suede shoes, worrying that they are difficult to pair with outfits and high maintenance to look after. But the truth is, you just need to pair them up with the right outfit! Want to know how to wear suede shoes and what you should wear with them? Look no further.

Comfortable Loungewear for the Festive Season

4th January 2018

Who doesn’t love comfortable loungewear? Cosiness, warmth and relaxation guaranteed. And when temperatures drop and you know you’re not leaving the house, you can wear your winter loungewear all day long! To get you into the spirit of ‘lounging around’ this winter, we’ve had a rifle through our stocks and pulled out a few of our most comfortable lounge clothes to see you through the colder seasons.

Luxury Winterwear

19th December 2017

Last-minute Christmas shopping taking its toll? Or perhaps you’re after a festive favourite to keep you cosy over the cooler months? Finding the perfect winter wear is essential to ensuring you’re protected from the chill when the frost begins to bite. Whether you’re taking to the park, exploring the Christmas markets or simply running Christmas time errands, equip yourself for the festive season with winter clothes for women and men that lock out the chill for good this year.

Gifting Season: Presents For Everyone

29th November 2017

Whether you’re buying for an auntie, choosing the perfect knitwear for friends or looking to find that something special for the other half, Cotton Traders have gifts for all. Find versatile Christmas presents for everyone, perfect for ticking items off loved ones’ wish-lists this year.

Women’s Winter Wear For Every Occasion

22nd November 2017

Whether you’re heading to the Christmas markets or hosting your own family celebrations, teaming your Christmas jumpers with your women’s winter boots is the perfect way to adapt to any festive event this year. Find versatile women’s winter wear to lock out the cold, but remain stylish and comfortable throughout the entire Christmas season

Outdoor Clothing for Autumn Activities

23rd October 2017

As we reach the midst of autumn, the days get colder and we find ourselves needing that extra layer of warmth when we go outside. With conkers to collect and woodland walks to go on, your autumnal attire needs to keep you warm and dry without compromising on style. Whether you’re trying to find autumn clothes to wear during an outdoor Halloween party, a local firework display for Bonfire Night or simply a crisp morning stroll, check out our recommendations from the Cotton Traders collection.

What to Wear in Iceland in Winter

16th October 2017

From walking on volcanoes and glaciers to visiting stunning architecture and modern art, there are so many different things to do, that working out what to wear in Iceland in winter can be tricky. With temperatures averaging 0 ˚C, and only around 4-5 hours of daylight, your chosen Iceland-wear certainly needs to stand up to the cold. If you’re busy planning what to wear in Iceland in December and across the winter months, read on for some great ideas from the Cotton Traders collection.

What to Wear in Venice

10th October 2017

Always thought about heading off to the beautiful city of Venice in winter? It’s a great time to visit, as the city slows to a more relaxed pace – a world away from the 18 million visitors that grace its canals during the summer months. If you’re off later this year, you may be wondering what to wear in Venice in winter? What should you pack in your suitcase to make sure you’re prepared for your trip? Never fear, we’re here to help. Read our guide on what to wear in Venice during those colder winter months to keep warm and protected.

Practical Plus-size Winter Clothes

4th October 2017

We can’t help but notice the weather is on the turn. And that chill in the air has well and truly turned our thoughts to roaring fires, roast dinners and warm, cosy jumpers. So we thought we’d hunker down and dig through our collection to find our favourite plus-size winter clothes, as well as some plus-size autumn fashion classics to get you through the next few months.

The Evolution of Fashion

11th August 2017

From the swinging 60s through to the 90s, our fashion inspiration has gone through countless transformations. But what was popular all those decades ago? And how has fashion changed over time? Explore our evolution of fashion infographic below to relive past memories – fond or otherwise!

Under the Microscope: Flexi Sole Shoes

11th August 2017

For lasting comfort, our selection of flexible sole shoes and trainers are here. Discover more about what to expect from the latest addition to our footwear range, from memory foam insocks and flexible soles, to a super lightweight construction.

Meet the England Captains who became Captains of Industry

8th August 2017

As Cotton Traders celebrates its 30th year in business, we sit down with our founders, former England rugby captains Fran Cotton and Steve Smith, to hear their fondest memories and favourite stories from their time as friends and business partners! First up, we have our Chairman, Fran Cotton...

Your guide to this season’s shape flattering swimwear

12th July 2017

This month we’re loving shape flattering swimwear. Why? Because it’s the perfect shapewear for women who want to remain comfortable, confident and relaxed by the pool this summer – while also offering choice in style, design and colour. From tummy control swim shorts to flattering all-in-ones, find your swimwear inspiration.

Introducing the Cotton Traders Homeware range

10th July 2017

Thinking about giving your home décor a refresh? Discover the latest homeware range to land at Cotton Traders and give your home a new look with some welcome new additions to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living space. You don't need an extravagant budget to show your home a little attention. Just follow our simple tips.

Perfect Holidaywear For Your Next Cruise

30th June 2017

Your luxury cruise is booked, the calendar is marked and you’re ready to start packing – but it’s not all sunglasses and straw hats. Not all cruises are the same, which means knowing what to pack for a cruise might not be as easy as you’d have first thought. The length of time you’re going, the part of the world you’re exploring and the evening dress code requirements will all affect what you decide to fill your suitcase with. So, what do you pack on a cruise?

What to Wear in Summer: Summer Outfits Designed to Keep you Comfortable

11th May 2017

From keeping up with the gardening to going for a forest walk, keeping cool and comfortable in summer shouldn’t come at a compromise. Find practical women’s summer outfits at Cotton Traders that are dependable, durable and most importantly, comfortable.

Introducing Our Iconic Guinness® Clothing Range

6th April 2017

The aim of our partnership with Guinness® is a simple one – to provide high-quality casual wear with iconic branding to boot. Our traditional clothing has always prioritised comfort and practicality to provide durable, lasting clothing, and our Guinness® wear is no different. Now, you just get the added bonus of a classic brand behind you.

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