Womenswear comfort guide: Fleece and loungewear

Womenswear comfort guide: Fleece and loungewear

Comfort is always really important, but sometimes it is the absolute priority, like when youíre relaxing in front of the TV on a cold night or when winding down for the night. On these occasions, you want to know that you can feel snug and look chic at the same time; whether itís nightwear or loungewear youíre after, you neednít compromise on style while youíre getting comfortable.


Especially true in the colder months, it can be difficult to stay warm during the night, so if you feel particularly chilly in bed, you might benefit from wearing a fleece nightie. This will be really soft to the touch, as well as keep you really warm throughout the night.

Theyíre not just practical, though, as many fleece nighties are made with pretty, decorative trims, which add a sense of femininity to the loose fitting, comfortable style. For warmer weather, cotton is a great option that will look really pretty while allowing your skin to breathe.

When it comes to dressing gowns, there are lots of different fabrics to choose from. For winter, nothing feels better than getting wrapped up in a super-soft, fluffy fleece gown, whereas warmer temperatures call for something more lightweight like cotton. For weather thatís somewhat unpredictable, jersey fabrics will fit the bill nicely.

If youíre after something with a little bit more glamour, velour looks really attractive and is warm without being quite as toasty as fleece. This means you can enjoy wearing it throughout the majority of the year (except for maybe those stuffy summer nights) and add a touch of luxury to your evenings whatever the weather.

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Relaxing at home just isnít the same if youíre not kitted out in something totally comfortable. Velour is one of the softest materials around and has a really attractive drape to it, making it an option for loungewear that will feel really luxurious.

For ultimate comfort, look out for velour trousers that have elasticated waists, as these will be quite loose whilst still looking and feeling great. Velour tops with adjustable draw cords will be equally comfy, since you can adapt them however you like for the best fit and the most flattering shape.

Fleece is also a great option for loungewear, as it is very easy to wear and totally comfortable. You can relax in fleece trousers and jumpers, and even keep a fleece jacket as an extra layer to throw on over the top of an outfit.

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