Colour guide: Which colours suit you best?

Colour guide: Which colours suit you best?

When you consider hair, eyes and skin tone, every woman has her own unique colouring that will lend itself to a particular palette; therefore, always keep in mind which colours make you look your best and emphasise your best features, and this will help you figure out which shades you should pick.

One trick you can try to figure this out is to go shopping and pick a simple top - a vest or t-shirt - that’s available in a wide range of colours. Try on as many as you can and make a note of which colours make you feel great and look fresh. Look out for the effect they have on your best features, and see which ones complement them the best. This will point you in the direction of your perfect colour.

Another trick is to consider which items from your wardrobe you get the most compliments for; this may guide you towards the best shades for you.

Some colours are fairly universal, such as black or white. However, it is up to you to figure out which ones to pair these with to complement your figure as best you can. Here are a few hints and tips to help you get it right:

Determine your colouring

Just as summer landscapes have very different colour schemes to those in winter, different skin tones lend themselves to a variety of palettes. Therefore, many people think of the different colouring types and their various shades and tones as representing the four seasons. Depending on what kind of skin, hair and eye colour you have, you will be better suited to one of the seasons in terms of what colours look best on you.

These are not 100% clear-cut - you may well have attributes from a couple of different seasons put together. In this instance, play around with the style tips from both of them to see which tricks will complement your features. It's a game of trial and error, so just give a few different items a try and see what you think is best.

Seasonal Colouring Analysis

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Winter colouring: cool and dark

People with winter colouring tend to have striking dark hair and pale skin. Variations can include silver or ash-coloured hair, or darker skin to match darker hair

Deep and vivid colours will work really well for you - a hint of red will really emphasise pale skin. Look out for what you might call 'cool' shades, such as icy blues, mint greens and lavender. These will look really striking against a backdrop of either black or white.

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Spring colouring: fresh and bright

A dominant spring colouring will typically mean you have medium-to-dark brown hair and reasonably fresh and pale skin, as well as big blue or green eyes.

Bright colours will work really well on you, and you can pick from a number of bold shades to accentuate different parts of your look. Bright primary colours, like red, yellow and blue will sit really nicely against your pale skin and darker hair, while pink will contrast beautifully with your eyes.

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Summer colouring: soft and clear

If you are especially summery in terms of your colouring, you probably have naturally blonde hair, fairly pale skin and light green or blue eyes.

Pastel colours (like green, blue, and pink) are your best friend, as they will serve to complement your soft look and any splashes of colour in your cheeks. Always aim to keep lighter hues nearer to your face to accentuate your colouring - this can be done with tops, makeup or jewellery.

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Autumn colouring: earthy and warm

People with autumn colouring tend to have a lot of golden undertones in their features, which usually means warm skin, red and auburn hair, as well as brown or hazel eyes.

Earthy tones will really accentuate this warm complexion, so look out for rich golden browns and mossy greens, as well as brighter colours like coral or maroon

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The colours to make you feel great

Wearing the right colour can really lift your face, making you feel fresh. The colours that suit you will make you look and feel more confident, while they can also give a youthful glow in your face and eyes.

Another benefit of picking the right colours is that you will start to fill your wardrobe with clothes you will wear often. How many things do you have in your wardrobe that you hardly ever wear? Well, once you start buying clothes in the colours that suit you, you can ensure that every item will be worn regularly. This will give you a choice of clothes that you know will look good, as well as being easy to mix and match.

Each season, Cotton Traders offers a wide range of colours from warm neutrals and classic basics to seasonal essentials. So, whatever your colouring, there will be something to suit you perfectly. Check out our range of womenswear to find the colours that work best for you.

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