Keep your accessories in shape!

Keep your accessories in shape!

The unsung heroes of our wardrobes: belts, bags, sunglasses and watches are often worn as an afterthought - a practical necessity - but in terms of style, they're one of the simplest ways to update your outfit and lift it right out of the ordinary.

These finishing touches will fast become your favourite way to bring an outfit together, and with the right care and attention, they will stay that way for seasons to come. Read on to discover some of our top tips to help prolong the life of your accessories.


  • Wipe clean regularly with a slightly damp cloth
  • If you're wearing genuine leather, use a leather polish or conditioner often to maintain its good looks
  • Keep it dry! Real leather can quickly lose its shape when it comes in contact with water
  • Avoid heat - this will also alter the shape of leather
  • Hang your belt from its buckle - try to avoid leaving it on your trousers when you take them off, rolling them up or folding them over anything
Belt 1
Belt 2

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  • Store your sunnies in a case to protect them from life's little knocks
  • Take care to clean them using a special lens cleaning cloth
  • To avoid damage, avoid wiping your glasses with paper towels or clothing
Glasses 1
Glasses 2


  • Choose your watch according to the activities you often undergo - if you're an outdoor enthusiast, consider opting for a waterproof style
  • Avoid cleaning with the face with rough materials to avoid scratches to the glass
  • Steer clear of water, unless it's a specialist waterproof style
  • Always remove your watch to set the time or date
  • Don't expose your watch to direct heat
  • Store your watch in a soft cloth away from other jewellery to avoid scratches

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  • Make sure you keep pens and pencils in a compartment to avoid unsightly marks and leaks on the lining
  • If using a cross body bag, try changing the length every now and then so that the straps aren't left with indents from the buckles
  • Hang your bag up when you can to avoid scuffs and scratches
  • After a trip away, make sure you fully empty your bag to get rid of debris that might have collected in the bottom
  • Keep bags away from damp environments and direct sunlight

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