NHS staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to take care of the nation during these unprecedented and very difficult times.

Here at Cotton Traders, we want to do our bit to show our respect and gratitude to those working hard to save lives in the face of the virus. Together with you, our customers, we’re determined to take care of them, to say thank you and to ensure that they can keep doing their vital work taking care of us as a nation.

During this time, we’ve made the decision to support NHS Charities Together. You can help by adding a £1 donation to your order; 100% of your donation will be contributed to the charity.

Your donations will be granted to member NHS Charities and will go on to support the health and emotional wellbeing of those on the frontline of the NHS, making sure that they’re able to continue providing not only COVID-19 patients, but all patients, with the very best care.

The grants will cover above and beyond what the NHS alone can provide, including wellbeing packs, accommodation, travel, parking and volunteer expenses; and will also support the long term physical and mental wellbeing and rehabilitation of NHS staff, volunteers, carers and patients once the pandemic is over.

Nick Hamblin, our CEO, has said ‘NHS staff and volunteers on the frontline are doing so much for all of us during these exceptional times, and we’re very pleased and proud to be able to support them as much as we can so that they can continue to deliver the best possible care to their patients.’