Cotton Traders are proud to support Help for Heroes
We believe our Armed Forces community should live well after service
Life can be tough when a military career comes to an end, especially if it’s been cut short by illness or injury. Overnight, people lose not only their job, but also a support network akin to family. This is why we stand with Help for Heroes.
There are many ways the Charity helps veterans, their loved ones, serving personnel and people who worked alongside the UK military. From helping people with their physical and mental health to providing people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to make a success of life in the civilian world, Help for Heroes campaign relentlessly to do better by the veteran community.
Meet some of the veterans you have
helped through your donations

Meet Spencer

At just 38 years old, Spencer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With your support, he’s been able to take ownership of his future, providing him and his family with the skills and tools they need to tackle the daily challenges of living with MS.

Meet Derek

Derek was serving in Afghanistan when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb. He awoke nine days later as a double amputee. Your support has helped Derek and his wife learn to adapt and overcome the challenges that come their way.

Meet Clare

Clare threw herself into her work, but a harrowing experience triggered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Your support has helped her get the “old Clare back”.

Meet David

David was serving as an Army Medic when bad weather impacted a rescue mission and left him with damage to his spine. Your support has helped David adapt to being a wheelchair user and excel at life once more.