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Size guide: What Size are you?

In order to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear it has to be the right size. Too big and you run the risk of losing all of your best assets under too much material; too small and you can make your body look restricted and ultimately uncomfortable.

Apple, pear or hourglass? How to dress according to your body shape

Dressing in something that really suits you is one of the surest ways to feel confident. Once you have determined what body shape you have, picking clothes that will really highlight all your best features and make you look your best will suddenly become easy.

Womenswear comfort guide: Fleece and loungewear

Comfort is always really important, but sometimes it is the absolute priority, like when you’re relaxing in front of the TV on a cold night or when winding down for the night. On these occasions, you want to know that you can feel snug and look chic at the same time; whether it’s nightwear or loungewear you’re after, you needn’t compromise on style while you’re getting comfortable.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: Wardrobe essentials for every season

For each season there will be different clothes that you rely on for keeping comfortable. Whether you need something light to help you stay cool, or something chunky for extra warmth, there are plenty of options to see you through the year.

Colour guide: Which colours suit you best?

When you consider hair, eyes and skin tone, every woman has her own unique colouring that will lend itself to a particular palette; therefore, always keep in mind which colours make you look your best and emphasise your best features, and this will help you figure out which shades you should pick.

Creating a knockout look for the evening

More formal evenings out give you a perfect excuse to add a touch of glamour to your outfits, lifting your style right out of the ordinary. Whether it's a dinner with friends or a wedding reception, there are plenty of fabulous options to help you look and feel fantastic, whatever the occasion.

Dressing Down: How to create a killer smart casual look

This two-word phrase can strike fear into hearts of women everywhere: 'smart-casual'. It's a frustratingly vague dress code and knowing what it really means is something we all struggle with. We each have our own idea of what constitutes 'smart-casual' and, therefore, it is hard to figure out what to wear to satisfy this.

A touch of femininity: Looking great in a dress or skirt

When it comes to looking and feeling feminine, you can't go wrong with a skirt or dress. Nowadays, items are designed with both comfort and style in mind, so you can feel at ease in your clothes and still look great..

Jeans, chinos or fleece? Your guide to finding the perfect trousers

Searching for your new favourite pair of jeans or trousers is a style saga that most women will be familiar with. The perfect pair will flatter your figure, promise unbeatable comfort and be designed to stay in your wardrobe season after season. Whether you’re hitting the high street for a spot of retail therapy or stepping out for a weekend stroll; this guide is designed to help you choose the fabric, fit and style that meets all your wardrobe’s needs.

Rise to the top – Your guide to women’s shirts and blouses

Whether you’re dressing to impress at a social get-together or need a stylish smart-casual look for coffee with friends, there’s a shirt or blouse for every occasion. From the classic white button-up to a floaty boho-inspired blouses, we’ve got a range of style tips and ideas to ensure you get the best out of this trusty wardrobe staple and stay in style whatever the occasion.

10 looks for casual coats or jackets

Coats and jackets might keep you covered in the name of keeping you warm and dry, but they don't have to hide your style as well. Knowing which jackets pair well with which clothes and accessories is key to looking great whilst you keep the cold at bay, whether you're kicking through leaves on a woodland walk or strolling through town.

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