Rugby ready Ė What to wear on and off the pitch

Rugby ready Ė What to wear on and off the pitch

Are you a rugby fan? Do you follow rugby union or support your country? Become rugby-ready with our guide on what to wear to all those important matches.

Weíve got you covered come rain or shine, whether youíre dressing for style and/or comfort, so all you have to worry about is how your team will play.

Winter season

Thereís nothing worse than sitting in the cold whilst supporting your team, so wrapping up warm is key. Pull out your favourite bobble hat and scarf, and donít forget the winter thermals to keep the chill out of your bones.

Now you have the all-important base layers sorted what can you wear thatís stylish yet comfortable? If you dress for comfort then track bottoms are always a good idea and the elasticated waist makes cheering your team on all the more comfortable. Try pairing them with a pair of classic trainers, not forgetting the very reliable waterproof coat!

However, if you like to look a little more stylish; then chinos always go well with a rugby top, creating a slightly smarter look Ė you never know who youíre going to bump into! Grab your teamís long-sleeved rugby shirt, pull on a padded coat, and go cheer them on.


Summer matches

If youíre a big fan then youíll support your team whatever the weather, but itís always that little bit more enjoyable when the sun is shining. Rugby shirts are often long-sleeved however there is a wide selection of short-sleeved classics out there that will keep you cooler in the blazing heat Ė just donít forget that sun cream to keep your arms from burning!

Hopefully itís also shorts weather, and you can easily pair them up with your favourite rugby shirt. Try a pair of cargo shorts for a more casual look, or if youíre looking for something a little smarter, chino shorts or trousers might be more your thing.


As base layers arenít necessary, a jacket or fleece will be perfect for those cooler summer evenings. With a wide range of menís and womenís jackets to choose from these days, you will be spoilt for choice. A smart blazer is always a good choice and will complement chinos, or if youíve decided to go more casual then a lightweight waterproof jacket or fleece will keep you warm and dry yet comfortable.


Rugby shirts are so comfortable and versatile, itís easy to make them part of your look the whole year round. Whether youíre out on the sidelines supporting your team or going smart-casual for an evening with friends, this is the ideal wardrobe solution. A fan of the game? Why not shop our range of Rugby shirts here.

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