When things begin to heat up, keep your cool in a pair of classic cotton shorts. Choose from chinos, easy jersey, cool linen, or casual jogs and cargos.

Unisex Shorts

Our selection of unisex shorts is perfect for everything from casual walks in the sun to lounging at home. Explore the range today.

Unisex Cotton Shorts

Available in an array of colours including chambray, French navy and oat, our collection of unisex cotton shorts are designed in subtle hues for versatility with an array of outfits. With twin side and back pockets, they provide practical solutions when you’re out and about, while the belt loops and elasticated waist provide adaptable comfort.

Unisex Lounge Shorts

With a selection of lounge shorts and jog shorts available, our shorts for men and women also includes a pair just as perfect for physical activity as they are for relaxing at home. Whether that’s enjoying the garden or taking a journey off the beaten path for a gentle jog, our lounge shorts are designed with 100% cotton and come in an array of colours – so you can run or relax in style and comfort.

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