On Holiday with Parents and Grandparents: What Makes It So Special?

29th May 2014

Weather-wise, this summer looks like being one of the best in recent memory. Hour after hour of unbroken sunlight and warm temperatures provide the perfect backdrop to exhilarating and enriching physical activities, especially for children who have their six-week summer holidays to look forward to during late July and August.

During that period, it's usually a good idea for the kids to go on holiday, but does it necessarily have to be with their parents? Going with grandparents could turn out to be more rewarding in a number of ways. If you have grandchildren, showing them what can be done on holiday might help to open their eyes and explore the real world for what it is.


As we discovered when conducting a survey on what to do during the summer holidays, one in five people would ask their kids' grandparents to look after them while on a vacation. For many reasons, this could be a good idea, but how rewarding can a holiday with grandma and granddad actually be for the little ones?

Grandparents are overwhelmingly seen as fun people to be around. They've experienced a lot throughout their lifetimes, have many stories to tell and aren't afraid to make the most of life. They also have a significant amount of authority over their grandkids, which is handy if they feel like misbehaving without Mum and Dad in sight!


There are plenty of things kids could do on holiday with their grandparents, one of them being volunteering. Guildford grandmother Patricia O’Keefe, after pocketing a £25,000 prize from a competition run by Cotton Traders, she decided to use her money to fund a charitable trip to the impoverished West African country of Sierra Leone.

Patricia, along with her grandchildren, headed there to use their money, time and skills for helping to improve a local school. While her grandchildren helped to build a classroom. Patricia used some of her money to pay for essentials such as uniforms, toiletries and textbooks. Having been out to Africa to volunteer every year since 2006, Patricia’s work was rewarding in more ways than one.

If you want to follow in Patricia's footsteps and do something different with the grandkids on holiday this summer, all it takes is a little imagination. Perhaps a trip abroad volunteering might help to open the kids' eyes, while an adventure holiday might help to keep them fit in time for the start of term in September.

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On Holiday with Parents and Grandparents: What Makes It So Special?

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