Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Autumn

17th September 2014

These warm winter breakfast recipes promise to get your day off to the brightest of starts – warming you from the inside out and leaving you feeling full, energised and ready to face even the dreariest of days.

Baked eggs with spinach

Keep your heart healthy with this breakfast powerhouse – full of fatty acids, omega-3s, protein and countless vitamins and minerals, it really packs a punch. Simply pop the spinach in the bottom of a ramekin with a dab of butter, separate an egg and pour the whites over the spinach. Season with salt and pepper before baking for about 15 minutes at 180°C. Serve with a slice of wholemeal toast for something a little more filling.


Warming, creamy and endlessly versatile – porridge still reigns supreme as the breakfast of champions. Rich in dietary fibre, it promises to fill you up and reduce the risk of overeating or giving in to mid-morning snacks. Its high content of complex carbs mean it burns slowly, giving you energy that lasts all the way through until lunch. Add fruit, nuts, a touch of honey and a splash of cold milk to your bowl for an extra nutritional boost…or find more inspiration here.

Healthy porridge for breakfast

Banana pancakes

Add 2 egg whites, a mashed banana and a generous pinch of cinnamon to a mixing bowl. Beat until it’s creamy and fully combined. Add the yolks from the eggs and beat until all the ingredients are blended together. Pour onto a non-stick griddle on a medium heat, cook for 4 minutes on each side and voila! You would never believe these delicious pancakes have no sugar, no gluten and no dairy – a perfectly healthy yet decadent-tasting breakfast, just like that.

French toast

Once you’ve cut out the high fat ingredients, the notoriously indulgent star of American brunches can become quite a healthy choice for your first meal. Beat 3 egg whites with a splash of milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon, until well blended. Soak slices of wholegrain bread in the egg mixture until saturated and cook in a lightly oiled griddle until brown and crisp on both sides. Drizzle with honey for a beautifully sweet, high protein Sunday morning treat. .

French toast for breakfast


A traditional British breakfast that seems to have been forgotten about a little bit. Kedgeree combines smoky haddock with lightly spiced rice and boiled eggs for a wonderful Anglo-Indian breakfast treat. BBC Good Food has a quick and easy recipe that can be found here – with a preparation time of only 10 minutes and 35 minutes of cooking, it’s perfect for slow, lazy weekend mornings before heading out for a scenic walk.

Kedgeree  for breakfast

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