The item I want has sold out. Will you get any more in?

Sometimes the demand for a product is greater than we expected. 

When this happens, our buyers will do their best to arrange for further deliveries to meet demand.

The stock grid on the product page will show you when further stock is due in, up to 8 weeks, and allow you to place an order for future delivery subject to stock availability (the expected number of weeks is shown in stock grid).

If an item is due into our warehouse after 8 weeks, you will be able to ask for an email to be sent to advise when stock is available (this is shown as an envelope symbol on stock grid). You will then be able to place a further order.

If the stock grid shows X SOLD OUT - this means we are completely sold out of this item and are unable to obtain any further stock - please select another item.
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What if the delivery date changes since I have placed my order?

In the unlikely event of your order being further delayed, we will advise you in writing or by e-mail and supply the amended due in date.

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Why am I seeing a message 'loading stock information?'

We have recently made some improvements to our product pages and we hope that you find the images and stock grid easier to use.

If you are experiencing problems opening the stock grid, please try refreshing and reloading the page. If you are still unable to see the stock grid, please use the Quick Order form to add items to your basket:

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