Our products

We care about bringing you the very best quality without impacting the planet. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to minimise waste and turn our production process into a force for good.

precious water

precious water

Saving water in our production process is key to creating sustainable products. For example, we use water storage facilities and recycling plants in our fabric mills to capture and re-use water, keeping waste to a minimum and maximising efficiency.

Some of our mills even go one step further and recycle this to become local drinking water! After it’s cleaned and purified to the highest environmental standards, the water is released back into local rivers for the community and wildlife to use.

Giving plastics a
better purpose

By introducing a fleece collection made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, we’re working hard to bring you fabrics that are as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.

Go organic!

We’ve partnered with a new energy-efficient ’green factory‘ to produce sustainably-sourced cotton that’s 100% organic and grown naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Reduce, re-wear, recycle

Our cotton lives on in a new line of Cotton Traders classics reworked with up to 25% recycled cotton, so you can look great without compromising on the quality and comfort you know and love.

Wrinkle-free &

We use environmentally friendly coatings in the finish of our wrinkle free collection, removing harmful chemicals from the production process. This ensures habitats and communities surrounding our factories stay protected and continue to thrive.

Building with colour

We capture all the waste dye used during our colouring processes and bake it, turning it into a tarmac-like product! This is used on local roads, improving transport links and job opportunities for the community.