Brightening up the Christmas shift

4th December 2015

Working over Christmas is something 66% of people in the UK will be enduring this holiday season, but you have the chance to really make someone’s Christmas Day!

We’re always looking for ways to surprise and delight our customers, and this year, as part of our Making Christmas Warmer campaign, we are going to dish out Christmas hampers to five people who have to trek into work across Christmas to help make their day that little bit nicer.

Doing some good: Celebrate World Kindness Day

10th November 2015

The world can be a cruel place sometimes, but those among us who want to change all that do so by helping to make others feel a little better. It could be saying hello to our neighbours, making tea for our workmates, opening the door for someone – often it’s the smallest gestures that make a big difference.

While we believe this should happen every day, Friday 13th November is officially World Kindness Day. This occasion is there to celebrate all that is good about being kind to everyone, whether we know them or not. As we at Cotton Traders are the caring and sharing types, we’re taking it to the next level..

Best of Britishness

1st July 2015

Stuck for a few things to do this summer? Allow Cotton Traders to show you everything that our great nation has to offer in terms of days out and fun-filled activities. With our Best of Britishness guiding you through the hottest months of the year, you'll more than make the most of the weather!

Fashion Trends: Spring and Summer 2015

1st May 2015

With the weather getting better by the day and the winter-to-summer transition well and truly underway, its time to leave those cosy jackets behind and opt for something in-keeping with the season. From the more daring nautical and floral themes, to those subtle yet stylish items featuring on-trend crochet and embellishment, there is a style to suit everyone this spring!

British Corner Shop: A Taste of Home

22nd April 2015

The world is an amazing place to explore! With social mobility at an all time high and the travel industry booming, more and more of us are heading out into the unknown to see the sights or even start new lives abroad. Being an expat brings endless new opportunities, however, it isn’t uncommon for homesickness to take its toll and leave you hankering for some British home comforts. You never know what you’re going to miss until it's no longer available!

Generation Gap

13th March 2015

Here at Cotton Traders we’ve looked at the generation gap and held our very own survey, take a look and see if you can relate to the gap between yourselves and the ‘youth of today’.

Healthy Food Swaps

16th January 2015

We’re over a fortnight into 2015 and, though we might have started the year with the very best intentions, here at Cotton Traders we’re beginning to feel our willpower wane as the novelty of our New Year resolutions begins to wear off. The weather outside leaves little to be desired and we’re finding ourselves reaching for the last of the Christmas chocolates instead of our detox tea, and choosing cosy nights in front of the telly over braving the bracing walk to the gym.

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