The Daytrip Decider

19th July 2014

As summer has been in full swing for a while, people up and down the country are spending their weekends travelling to the seaside for the day whilst mumbling about the short amount of sunny days the UK receives. To make the most of the good weather, getting outdoors is essential and to help people decide where to spend summerís swansong, the Daytrip Decider was created.

What is it?

In true Ďdoes what it says on the tiní style, the Day Trip Decider helps to figure out exactly where to go on a day out, taking into account location, the type of activity sought and the attractions that are located nearby.

How does it work?

Firstly, the user enters where they are likely to travel to; for which they pick a location thatís near to them or is within reach for a day trip. To get a better idea of the process, hereís an example:

Iíve chosen to travel to Yorkshire & the Humber

My nearest city is Leeds

Also, I would prefer a nice and steady pace rather than something active and involved, though preferably an outdoor activity.

The Daytrip Decider recommends that I take a Picnic at Kirkstall Abbey. The majestic abbey ruins are as tranquil as almost anything in the entire county and, on a sunny day, picnicking or exploring the ground can make for a peaceful afternoon.

So, if thereís a weather-dependent window of opportunity for a daytrip soon and a suggestion of where to go is required, see if the Daytrip Decider can solve the quandary for you.

Great days out this summer

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