Doing some good: Celebrate World Kindness Day

10th November 2015

The world can be a cruel place sometimes, but those among us who want to change all that do so by helping to make others feel a little better. It could be saying hello to our neighbours, making tea for our workmates, opening the door for someone – often it’s the smallest gestures that make a big difference.

While we believe this should happen every day, Friday 13th November is officially World Kindness Day. This occasion is there to celebrate all that is good about being kind to everyone, whether we know them or not. As we at Cotton Traders are the caring and sharing types, we’re taking it to the next level.

Share the love

We love to treat our customers all year round, but for this year's World Kindness Day, we'll be performing a few additional good deeds! We're sending extra gifts out to three lucky customers to tie in with this special day, so be sure to check your post on the 13th!

We're also going to be sending out several Kindness Hampers to some of our favourite bloggers, containing all kinds of fun gifts to help set off a chain reaction of generosity.

Acts of Kindness

We're asking each of our lucky recipients to do an act of kindness themselves for someone they know or a complete stranger, but what could that be? It could be anything, but as long as you're doing it for the benefit of someone else, it's absolutely fine!

Here are some ideas for how you can take part in this year's World Kindness Day:

  1. Make a work colleague, friend or loved one a cuppa
  2. Donate some loose change to charity
  3. Give some unwanted food to a local food bank
  4. Offer to listen to a friend or family member if they need a shoulder to cry on
  5. Send a funny meme to your friends at work
  6. Offer to listen to a friend or family member if they need a shoulder to cry on
  7. Give up your seat on the bus for an elderly passenger

It doesn’t have to be something massive – just a small gesture that puts a smile on someone’s face. Not only will it brighten their day, it will give you a little lift as well!

Tell the world

If you want to spread the word, please do so by using the hashtag #CTWorldKindnessDay. With this hashtag, you can share your random acts of kindness with the whole world, using pics, anecdotes or a little of both.

If you're a blogger and receive a Kindness Hamper, you could ask someone who you're helping out to do something good themselves, thereby creating a long line of kind acts. How great does that sound? It would make for the best World Kindness Day ever!

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