An Easter Feast For All The Family

15th April 2014

The four day weekend over Easter is an exciting prospect for many people as it allows a welcome break from the stresses of work and everyday hectic life. So Easter is a perfect occasion to spend quality time with family – reconnecting, eating, getting outdoors and relaxing


If the weather is nice, and you have children to entertain, an Easter egg hunt is a great activity to organise and let’s not lie, adults enjoy it too. You can either place a number of small chocolate Easter eggs throughout your garden with name labels on, or do a scavenger hunt with the person who gets the most items winning a prize. These can be great fun and will wear out any hyper-active children.

Another great outdoor activity, and one which can include the whole family, is to coordinate some forms of sport. For example you could do a mini sports day in your garden with egg and spoon, three legged and sack races. Alternatively you could play a small game of either 5 aside football, rounders, tag rugby or cricket which all the family could enjoy. If sports aren’t your thing there are plenty of outdoor activities taking place all over the country this weekend - make sure to read our article on Easter events here.

If our bank holiday does happen to be spoiled by April showers, and you don’t want to just stick on the telly, decorating Easter eggs is a relaxing and seasonal activity to do. Here are some great tips for egg decoration a handy guide on making a decorated egg.

Food & Decorating

Painted Eggs

Like any public holiday, food often becomes the focal point, especially if you’ve got your whole family gathered together too.

Before we discuss food, we need to think about table settings and decoration. With spring in full flow, Easter Sunday can be the ideal time to have your first outdoor meal of the year. If the weather is nice, why not set up a table outdoors and have your meal earlier in the day to get the most out of the sunshine?

Table decorations and features might not be for everyone but they’re a great way to spruce up a table for a special occasion. If you have been decorating eggs be sure to set up around the table to or look at seasonal flowers as a centre piece.

Next, onto the food…when it comes to what to eat, there are a number of options at Eastertime.

Roat Lamb

For the Sunday Roast, lamb is a traditional favourite for Easter. However, if you want to do something a bit fancier, try stuffing a leg of lamb or adding a herb crust. Lamb is best served with a selection of spring vegetables and a nice fresh mint sauce.

If you haven’t already stuffed yourself with chocolate Easter eggs, for dessert why not whip up a trifle? Or, if you’ve got children over for the day, why not create a bunny carrot cake which can be found on the BBC good food website. For those looking to stay healthy, look no further than our previous post on low cholesterol desserts.

However, it can’t be Easter without having a decent supply of hot cross buns. Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe with a twist on Friday – it involves our favourite Easter buns, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! This well-loved treat is brilliant either home baked or shop bought, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to make your own!

We hope you have a great Easter weekend and that some of our tips may give you a few ideas on what to do to entertain your family.

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