Size guide: What size are you?

Size guide: What size are you?

In order to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear it has to be the right size. Too big and you run the risk of losing all of your best assets under too much material; too small and you can make your body look restricted and ultimately uncomfortable.

The solution is simple: measure yourself and compare your results against this size guide to see which size will fit you the best. Also consider the flexibility of the fabric - jeans are often a bit more structured than loungewear trousers, and so you may want to consider this when choosing a particular size.

Try to measure yourself around the middle of the day, an hour or two after lunch. You are at your most typical weight then, since you are always lighter in the mornings than you are during the day. Avoid measuring yourself straight after a meal as this may not give you an accurate reading.

Cotton Traders has compiled these measurements with comfort in mind, so you can feel confident in your clothes whatever your size. Here are our suggestions for getting all the right measurements:

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Place a tape measure loosely under the arms (over the shoulder blades) and extend around the fullest part of the chest.


Measure around the naturally slimmest part of your waist, usually between the bottom of your rib cage and your belly button. Keep the tape measure slightly loose to ensure you donít underestimate what size you need - remember to breathe in and out while you are measuring, too, so you know what measurements you need to stay comfortable.


Measure around the fullest part of your bottom or hips.

Inside leg

Measure from the top of the inside leg to your ankle. When you've gone all over with the tape measure, compare your measurements to the chart below; this will help you pick clothes that will fit you perfectly.

With the right fit, you can ensure that you feel totally comfortable in everything you wear and that all your clothes make you look as good as you feel. Now that you know your size it's time to browse our collection of womenswear to see what gorgeous looks you can create!

Please note: Different retailers have different measurements, so always check each retailer's size guide to ensure you get the best fit for your body.

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