A guide to fabrics: Cotton, linen, viscose, or denim?

A guide to fabrics: Cotton, linen, viscose, or denim?

Thereís so much choice when it comes to the fabric of our clothing, from cotton and fleece to denim and many more! Certain fabrics are better for winter whereas others are more suited for the hotter weather.

Our guide describes the features and characteristics of the fabrics youíll find within your clothing and whenís best to wear them so you can feel comfortable while staying stylish.


Known for being tough with a soft touch, and easy-care characteristics, cotton is a popular choice. Designed not to pill, shrink, lose its shape, or fade, thereís no wonder we find many of the items within our wardrobe are made from cotton.

You can wash it at any temperature but we recommend keeping it to 40 degrees Ė if you find it creases in the wash, any wrinkles will iron out in no time at all! Cotton is the ideal fabric for both winter and summer and you can find cotton options of most items of clothing, from t-shirts to jumpers, dresses to skirts, and trousers to shorts.

Synthetic Fibres


Linen is great to touch but also looks good and is even better to sleep in. Linen can be cool and fresh for the summer but also cosy and warm for winter. Unlike polyester, linen isnít static; even having just 10% of linen within the fabric of your clothing stops it from being static all together.

When washing linens make sure to separate darker and lighter colours so they donít transfer. Wash at about 60 degrees and try not to over load the washing machine. Linen is known for its long durability and is actually one of the only fabrics that get better over time: the more you wash it, the softer and smoother it becomes, however avoid tumble drying as it may cause permanent creasing and weakens the fabric.

Synthetic fibres:

Man-made fibres such as polyester, fleece, and acrylic blends lend themselves to durable, easy-care clothing thatís built to last. Polyester is brilliantly strong, resists wrinkling, and can be machine washed, making it a great choice for waterproof garments due to its lack of absorbency.

Acrylic takes to dyes well and combines beautifully with wool and cotton to create an easy-care blend. Youíll find that lots of winter knits combine acrylic and wool for enhanced stability and clothing thatís easier to care for than a delicate pure wool garment.


Denim is known to be hard-wearing and makes great clothes in all shapes and sizes, including trousers, jackets, shirts, skirts, and shorts. Denim also comes in a variety of weights from lightweight shirts and shorts for the summer months or heavier weight denim trousers for winter.

Denim has been a staple fashion item for some time and suits all ages from grandparents to young children. Some say you should never machine wash your jeans, however most of us throw them in the wash along with all our other items. To help keep their colour, wash them inside out on a low temperature and try using a special detergent that helps preserve dark colours.

Whichever fabric youíre choosing, it has never been easier to stay both stylish and comfortable in what youíre wearing. By following the appropriate care guidelines, you can keep your clothes looking great for longer, so you need never go without your favourite items.

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