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Men's Style Guide

Your essential guide to lounging in style

Feel like staying in? How do you relax? Whether it be watching TV, reading a book, or if youíre the restless type who enjoys pottering around the house, nothing says you canít have both comfort and good looks from your lounging-around clothes.


You can never have enough basic tees and vests, and they can still be worn in the colder months layered with a hoodie or dressing gown. Plain white or black T-shirts always work well with checked pyjama bottoms, and can be mixed or matched with anything. Alternatively, if you prefer to lounge around in track pants, then you wonít stand out if you have to nip out to the local shop Ė just remember to leave the slippers at home!


Pyjama bottoms

Pyjama bottoms can come in an array of styles, fabrics and patterns. Each fabric comes with its own upsides, but itís for you to decide which ones you feel most comfortable in.
Fleece Ė Synthetic fleece is warm and comfy with low maintenance. As it is not a breathable material it retains body heat, best for lounging around on a cold winterís eve.

Flannel Ė Usually made from cotton or wool, flannel is one of the cosiest materials for nightwear. Itís warm and insulated but breathable at the same time, keeping your body at an optimal temperature. Itís strong and durable and best of all it is machine washable.

Cashmere Ė A very soft and elegant fabric that keeps you warm and allows your body to breathe. However this material is dry clean or hand wash only.

Cotton Ė One of the classics. Itís a soft, cool fabric comfortable to wear and easy on the skin. Itís a perfect choice for lounging around in summers as its breathable and keeps your body cool.

Silk Ė Silk pyjamas are soft, light and smooth and have a very elegant feel. The slip of the fabric on the sheets and the airy feel makes it the best option for warm summer nights.

The options are endless. So when it comes to pyjamas do you prefer long-legged bottoms or shorts? Brushed cotton for comfort or 100% cotton for the more classic look? Are you daring with a bold and bright patterned pair or do you keep it simple with plain? With so much to choose from lounging around has become so much more stylish so make sure you have everything ticked off, even down to the underwear youíre wearing.



Lounging around is much less fun if youíre feeling chilly, so keep warm with a couple of layers from underwear to outerwear. Thermals are always a good start from thermal vests to thermal pants and socks.

As for outerwear, a dressing gown is the perfect choice. These can also come in a variety of fabrics and patterns which can suit both winter and summer months.

Fabrics such as Silk, Satin and Cashmere have a very luxurious feel to them and are available in light weight styles for warmer weather as well as velvet trimmed and quilted to keep you warm in the winters in style. Cotton waffle or flannel are perfect for the warmer weather but when the colder weather is here makes sure you swap your lightweight dressing gown for a thicker, more towelled gown in fabrics such as Velour or Chenille (100% polyester).

If you are lounging around a pool, having a Spa day or packing for a holiday, opt for Cotton Terry Towelling bathrobe if you like it fluffy or a microfiber robe if youíd like a lightweight super absorbent robe that will keep you warm and dry and feels soft to the touch.


Loungewear is a hugely popular option for days when youíre just kicking back and relaxing. Whatever the weather, and whatever youíre getting up to, you can stay comfortable in clothes that are perfect for some rest and relaxation.

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