How to look good in a shirt

How to look good in a shirt

Wearing a shirt... sounds like the easiest thing in the world, doesn't it? But really wearing a shirt well - that takes a little bit of insider knowledge. Fortunately, we're here to help with some tips on selecting just the right one.

When it comes to shirts, it isn't just about size and colour - there's a whole range of different styles to choose from, from the classic Oxford to the more casual check. Our guide will help you choose the perfect shirt and have you kitted out for any event.

Choose the right colour

Uncoordinated clothes can make you look chaotic and disorganised. Proper colour coordination of your outfit can not only create harmony but also help accentuate your style. To find out what colours will suit you the best it’s important to understand the colour contrasts of your body as your skin, eye and hair colours play an important role in determining the best colour palette for your outfit.

Find out your colours:

Contrast Best Colours Avoid Colours
High Contrast:
Fair skin, Dark Hair and Blue/Green/ eyes
Contrasting colours.
Dark grey, Dark Blue, Black, Egg Plant, Indian Teal, Paired with lighter colours like White, Pale Blue, Lilacs and Mellow pink
Tan , Yellow, Pale grey
Low Contrast:
Light skin, Light hair, Red hair, Little hair or Bald with Blue/Green/Grey Eyes
Monochromatic or varying shades of the same colour.
Pale Blue, Light Grey, Dusty Green, Mocha, Egg Plant, Dusty Rose, Indian Teal, Aqua Marine
Black, Dark Brown, Orange, Yellow, Khaki
Medium Contrast:
Dark skin and Dark Hair, or Light Skin and Grey Hair
Most ColoursMarron, Red, Egg Plant, Blue, Green, Mustard, Indian teal, Grey, White> Mint, Dark Brown, Aqua Marine

Build your wardrobe with these colours in mind but remember the above mentioned are only guidelines, there are always exceptions to these colours. Test and try and see what you are comfortable in as that’s what matters the most.

The right style for your body shape:

Wearing ill fitted clothes can make you look untidy and certain prints and cuts can affect your look by enhancing or minimizing particular attributes, such as horizontal lines or checks can make your body appear wider whereas vertical lines can make you seem thinner. Selecting a shirt that suits your body shape will help you create a visual balance, therefore identifying your body shape is essential for dressing appropriately. Generally there are four main body types among men, which are:

Broad – The average height and build with broad shoulders and a tapered waist.

Inverted triangle – Muscular, Athletic build with broad shoulders and narrow waist.

Rectangle – Skinny or narrow build with straight torso, shoulders and waist same width apart.

Triangle — Shoulders narrower than the waistline

Find the right shirt:

Body Type Style
Broad As you are well proportioned, generally any cut will suit your body type, however for a trimmer look go for “slim fit” shirts.
This body type allows you to get away with any print may it be vertical or horizontal lines.
Inverted triangle For broad muscular shoulders and a narrow waist go for V-neck shirts to bring attention to your defined waistline and away from the width of your chest. Get one size up in a “slim fit” shirt to accommodate wide shoulders and chest size.
Slim cotton polos, fine wools and slightly stretchable tops work well to accentuate your body shape.
Rectangle To add definition to a straight and narrow physique go for tops that will give an illusion of structure such as “regular fit” shirts, layered tops or horizontal stripes.
Triangle To add definition to a straight and narrow physique go for tops that will give an illusion of structure such as “regular fit” shirts, layered tops or horizontal stripes.

Long-sleeved shirt

The long-sleeved shirt is a timeless piece that effortlessly combines comfort and tradition. The key to this piece is its versatility - it can be worn as casual evening wear, as well as a day-to-day staple. Try a classic Oxford shirt, made from pure cotton Oxford cloth with a smart button-down collar.

Choose from solids or a range of subtle but sophisticated vertical stripes, which flatter every body type. The epitome of traditional yet smart style - you'll be forever reaching for it in your wardrobe.

Long Sleeved

For a more relaxed daytime feel, roll up the sleeves and pair with pleat-front chinos and leather boat shoes. Oxfords look just as stylish layered up with a t-shirt, or with a cotton V-neck jumper for cooler days.

Soft-touch shirts

In a perfect world, all our clothes could feel just as good as they make us look. Fortunately, a soft-touch shirt would fit the bill. An unbeatable choice for comfort and style, these shirts are often constructed in luxurious and sumptuous fabrics that is easy to both wear and care for.

Soft-touch shirts can be dressed up with a smart pair of chinos, or for the more casual event why not wear with a pair of straight cut jeans?

Soft Touch

Jersey shirts

For a more casual, weekend option, the classic jersey is a must-have. Jersey shirts offer an effortlessly relaxed off-duty look without compromising on style. Whether you opt for short or long sleeves, solids, prints or stripes, wear yours with your favourite pair of chinos – accessorised with a leather belt – or pair with jeans or shorts for wherever the summer days take you. This is the sort of wardrobe essential you'll want to stock up on.

Jersey Shirt

Printed shirts

Feel daring? Break loose from the same old solid colours and opt for a unique printed shirt. Fortunately, you can be as bold as you like with a print and stand out from the crowd with something floral. Or, if you want something a little more understated, then you can still opt for a printed shirt but lean more towards the classic stripe or a bright check. If you do opt for a print then always pair with plain trousers – never mix your patterns. .

Jersey Shirt

Shirts are so varied and versatile in style, that there are ones to suit every occasion. It’s easy to find ones that you will love to wear over and over again, whether you prefer smart or casual, plain or patterned. Take a look at our range to find the perfect one for you.

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