March Gardening Advice From Industry Insiders

6th February 2014

February may have only just arrived but this short month means that the busy gardening period of March is only around the corner. Gardening at this time of year is not only a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors in the springtime but is vital if you want to create a fantastic outdoor space to enjoy in the summer.

To see your garden bloom this spring there is plenty to be getting on with – why not take this time to plan ahead using top tips from experts in the gardening world!

Our three experts include Tamsin Westhorpe, the editor of The English Garden magazine, Anne Wareham, the designer of the Veddw House garden in South Wales and Andy McIndoe the Chief Blogger and tutor from revolutionary online gardening courses, My Garden School.

Anne Wareham

Having made appearances on TV, listed as one of the Telegraph’s 2012 influential gardeners and published her own book ‘The Bad Tempered Gardener’ our first expert, Anne Wareham, is no stranger to gardening success. However, she is perhaps most known for her design of the The Veddw House garden in South Wales (definitely worth a visit!) We got in touch to ask her for her top tip for facing the trials and tribulations of sorting out your flower patches in March.

Make a mini meadow: sow hardy annuals direct into beds. This provides wonderful food for birds and slugs, and then endless fun trying to distinguish nice annuals from annual weeds!’


When our next expert, Tamsin, isn’t the editor at large of The English Garden magazine she spends her time looking after an open garden in Herefordshire making it safe to say that Tamsin lives and breathes gardening! Providing us with plenty of things to add to your to-do list and some alternative advice on slugs in the garden:

  1. Slugs – Emerging shoot are very tempting to slugs and snails. Take action now by either using slug pellets (approved slug pellets for organic gardeners are available) or investing in copper bands to put around pots and plants to keep these pest at bay.
  2. Plant summer flowering bulbs – Buy and plant summer flowering bulbs such as alliums and lilies in pots and borders now. The bigger the bulb you buy better the flowers.
  3. Mow – Get your mower serviced now. If the ground is dry you will be mowing the grass in March. Raise the height of the blades for the first cut and gradually lower them over the next few weeks.
  4. Weeds – Hoe off annual weeds and remove the entire root system of perennial weeds. Catch them now before they have a chance to flower and self-seed.
Andy McIndoe

Last up but certainly not least is Andy McIndoe. Andy is a man of many talents - not only is he the chief blogger and a tutor at My Garden School, the world’s first virtual gardening school, but is the managing director of Hillier Nurseries and Garden Centres in Hampshire and has maintained the Hillier exhibit’s outstanding success at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (68 consecutive Gold medals!) as their designer. Pretty impressive!

Understandably, we were keen to get his top tips for gardening in March – here’s what he had to say:

'This is a great time to add spring blossom to your garden. Even the smallest plot is large enough for the slender, compact flowering cherry Prunus 'Pandora' which will be a mass of delicate flowers every year. It has brilliant autumn colour too. If you've only got a courtyard, balcony or patio then choose Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai' for its zigzag twigs and masses of delicate blossom. The tiny leaves turn scarlet in autumn.'

Prunus Incisa

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