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How to keep your accessories in shape!

The unsung heroes of our wardrobes: belts, bags, sunglasses and watches are often worn as an afterthought – a practical necessity – but in terms of style, they’re one of the simplest ways to update your outfit and lift it right out of the ordinary. These finishing touches will fast become your favourite way to bring an outfit together, and with the right care and attention, they will stay that way for seasons to come. Read on to discover some of our top tips to help prolong the life of your accessories.

The perfect finishing touches – your guide to women’s accessories!

A good quality bag, hat or belt is a quick and easy way to complete your look – breaking up your outfit into different layers yet bringing it together as a stylish ensemble, at the same time. Take a look below for some of our favourite ways to accessorize – promising you an effortlessly finished look for any occasion.

Little details, big impact – your guide to men’s accessories.

You put care into how you dress, and have selected just the right shirt and trousers to fit the occasion. Now it’s a matter of knowing how to best complement and enhance your style with some accessories. We’re pleased to offer you the ultimate Cotton Traders guide to transforming your look with the perfect hat, belt or bag– whatever the occasion.

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